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Buying a car or truck can be a daunting prospect. How do you know you're getting a good deal, and how can you be sure that the one you buy is the one for you? At RAS Auto Group, we believe the process should be transparent and open – we're committed to making sure every customer leaves our Fort Worth dealership satisfied, having paid a great price for a quality, reliable vehicle. It's that simple. Call us today at +18172044129 to find out more.

Experienced Staff

If you're looking for sleazy sales associates or a hard sell, look elsewhere! Our friendly team is here to help you find a car that will work for you within your budget. We will never push a sale on you, and we're always happy for you to take your time, take a test drive, ask questions, and have some time to think. So, whether you're looking for a sports car or a daily driver, come visit the lot today!

Customer Service

We’ve all heard stories about shady car dealers who leave and buyers and sellers in the dark when they try to get a straight answer. At RAS Auto Group, we pride ourselves being our transparency policy when it comes to our customer service and will always give you an honest, up to date report of what's happening to your car. We are also available to help you through the process of registering your vehicle. No matter your request, we will work to help you out as quickly as possible while always being friendly and polite.


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